FBI agent training at range

FBI-Q targets are standardized targets used for firearms training and qualification by agencies across the United States. Though simplistic in design, they help measure an agent's shooting accuracy and proficiency.

The original FBI-Q target features a center mass silhouette of a human figure with a bullseye in the middle. The design helps recreate a realistic representation of a potential threat that agents may encounter in the field. 

FBI-Q targets- side by side.

Other official FBI-Q targets, like the FBI-Q-CB-OCPD, include circles in the center of the torso area to help measure the number of shots that hit within each circle. 

Why Does the FBI Use Q Targets?

The FBI-Q targets are an essential tool in testing an agent's proficiency in firearm handling. These targets are designed to represent real-life shooting scenarios, where agents must respond to pressure and make accurate shots to neutralize the target. 

Through this training, agents can improve their reaction time and accuracy in high-stress situations, ensuring they are prepared to handle any situation.

What Types of Firearms Do Agents Use?

When agents attend the FBI Academy, they typically train with a pistol, shotgun, and carbine. These might include:

  • Glock 19M 
  • Remington 870P shotgun
  • AR-15

These firearms are commonly used by FBI and other agencies as they're designed to be reliable, accurate, and effective in various situations. The FBI-Q target was originally used for pistol qualification. 

The FBI QIT-99 Target is now used as the new FBI pistol shooting standard.

What Is FBI Pistol Qualification?

FBI QIT-99 TargetFBI agents are required to pass a series of ongoing qualification tests to demonstrate their proficiency with firearms. 

These tests include shooting drills with both timed and untimed components, where agents are required to shoot from various distances and positions. 

To pass the qualification tests, agents must meet or exceed the minimum standards set by the FBI for accuracy and speed.

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