Steel Targets

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C-10 Mini Pepper Popper with Auto Reset
C-12 Full Pepper Popper - Auto Reset
C-15 Static Steel Target Full IDPA
C-16 Static Steel Target with 2/3 IDPA
C-17 Static Target with Full IPSC
C-18 Static Steel Target - 2/3 IPSC
C-21 Steel Dueling Tree, Centerfire
C-24 Swinger Steel Target
C-25 Steel Plate Rack
C-26 - .22 Caliber Plate Rack
C-31 Gong Frame and 16" Steel Target
C-34 Steel Challenge Target 10" Circle
C-35 Steel Challenge Target 12" Circle
C-38 E-Type Torso Steel Target
C-41 Tactical Sniper Steel Target

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