C-25 Steel Plate Rack

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The Center Fire Plate Rack features six 8" diameter AR500 Steel Targets, 3/8" thick mounted to a common frame.  AR500 steel absorbs bullet impact without damage.  The targets are bolted to the pivot mechanism eliminating any welding on the AR500 steel.  The front deflector is angled downward at 45° to safely direct missed shots toward the ground and protects the mechanism.  Targets are reset to the upright position by pulling the rope from the firing line.  50 ft of rope is included.  The legs and reset mechanism are removable for ease of transport.

For rifle shooting an AR500 Shield is available that replaces the front deflector.  See the Related Products tab for more information on the AR500 Shield for the Plate Rack.


79 wide x 47 high to centerline of targets x 40 deep at base of legs

Rated for 3000 FPS(Feet Per Second) at Impact.

Approximate shipping weight: 325 lbs

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