C-27 Auto Reset Steel Plate Rack

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The Auto Reset Center Fire Plate Rack features five 5" diameter AR500 Steel Targets, 3/8" thick mounted to a common frame. AR500 steel absorbs bullet impact without damage. Shoot each of the targets up and then shoot the reset target to drop all the targets at once!  No ropes needed and you don't have to go down range to reset.

The AR500 front deflector is angled downward at 45 degrees to safely direct missed shots toward the ground and protects the mechanism. The legs are removable for ease of transport.

Use for pistol or rifle shooting. Minimum range is 15 yards for pistol and 100 yards for rifle.  Maximum velocity at impact is 3000 ft/sec.


Overall dimensions: 64 wide x 49 high to centerline of targets x 45 deep at base of legs

Shipping weight: 149 lbs

For large or custom orders, please call 866-498-8228