Best Targets for Long Range Shooting

It's fair to say that the more comfortable you are with hitting a target, the more distance you'll start putting in-between yourself and the mark. 

In fact, increasing the amount of yards between you and the target can provide a new challenge—one that allows you to improve marksmanship and groupings.

What Is Long-Range Shooting?

Long-range shooting typically refers to hitting a target at least 600 yards away. However, if you're new to target practice, or learning how to shoot with a precision rifle, your definition of long-range shooting could mean anywhere between 100-200 yards away.

As you would expect, most enclosed shooting ranges can't always accommodate a distance beyond 200 yards, so getting started with long-range shooting often involves practicing in a new setting (i.e., an outdoor range), as well as:

  • Using different types of caliber designed for precision shooting
  • Finding suitable ammunition for your rifle
  • Practicing long-range shooting techniques (outdoors = wind resistance!)
  • Equipping your rifle with different tools (e.g., optic with magnification, ballistic calculator, bipod and rear bag, etc.).

Again, long-range shooting can represent a wide range of distance and has a different definition for each shooter—unless, of course, you're competing for a discipline like PRS (Precision Rifle Series) or training for qualification. In those scenarios, the distance in yards is the same for everyone.

3 Targets for Long-Range Shooting

In this article, we discuss three shooting targets that can help you practice precision shooting and are available in different sizes and thickness to accommodate the type of rifle you're using and the distance you're putting between yourself and the target. 

Gong Frame

Our C-31 Gong Frame and 16" Steel Target weights around 69 lbs and is easy to transport and assemble without needing to carry around any tools. Its legs can be positioned to provide a stable unit on uneven turf, and its shaft is 30" from the ground to provide clearance for larger targets. 

  • Overall size: 60 w x 28 dp x 30 h
  • The AR500 Steel Target is Rated for 3000 FPS(Feet Per Second) at Impact.

Because this option is steel, you'll be able to hear feedback from a distance and enjoy more action with long-lasting durability!

C-10 Auto Reset Mini Pepper Popper 

This steel shooting target is mounted to an auto-reset base that allows the target to lean back when shot (about 30 degrees) and then spring back to its vertical position. This ensures continued shooting without needing to go all the way down to the range to reset. 

This long-range shooting target also includes two 17" long adjustable legs for side stability and can be easily adjusted, as needed, for ground conditions.

C-10 (Auto Reset Mini Pepper Popper)

Overall dimensions: 28 tall x 17 wide x 24 dp 

Rated for 3000 FPS(Feet Per Second) at Impact.

We also offer the C-11 (Auto Reset Mini Classic Popper) that offers the same benefits as the C-10 but with a slightly different design.

Steel Plate Rack

Ready to improve your marksmanship? Try the Center Fire Plate Rack, which features six 8" diameter AR500 Steel Targets. Each target is 3/8" thick and mounted to a common frame.  

The AR500 steel absorbs bullet impact without damage and the front deflector is angled downward at 45° to safely direct missed shots toward the ground to protect the mechanism. 

You can easily reset targets to the upright position by pulling a rope from the firing line, which is approximately 50 ft in length. Legs adjust and break down, as needed, making it easier to carry and transport.

Looking for more precision targets? Browse our selection of Hostage and Torso steel targets for shooting at longer ranges. These options offer excellent impact resistance and a thicker design to prevent splashback!

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