Man aiming firearm at paper target.

Looking to improve your marksmanship for qualification or competition? We all know that practice makes perfect. But having the best gear and shooting targets available can also help prepare you for putting in those extra hours at the range.

Below we've listed 3 shooting targets to help you tighten groupings and ensure they're always centered over the target.

Improve Accuracy with 3 Targets

You'll notice that all three options are paper shooting targets, and there's a good reason for this. With paper, you can easily track your progress over time and inspect your groupings with greater clarity.

Now, let's review our top picks!

DIAG Paper Targets (available for right or left-handed shooters)

If you're just starting out, or feeling a bit rusty, this paper shooting target actually helps you readjust your grip mechanics and trigger pull.

This target features a larger bullseye, but surrounding the center target are helpful reminders that alert you when you're doing something wrong. Depending on how far away from the target you are, you can readjust accordingly between your next shot. Or, once you finish a round, you can inspect the target to see where your shots landed and prepare yourself for the next round.

530 Paper Target 

Sometimes, your target isn't always front and center. With this target option, you can track your groupings over multiple bullseyes. This option also includes drills to help you train, as well as shooting sequences to add a bit more diversity and fun while you're at the range.

B-6 Paper Target

When you start to feel more confident and are looking for a greater challenge, we recommend the B-6 paper target. You'll instantly notice that the bullseye is much smaller than the previous options, and you can challenge yourself even further by widening the distance between your firearm and the target if even this option starts getting a bit too easy.

Tips on How to Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

Though having the right equipment is important for target practice, there are also a few techniques you'll need to implement into your routine to help improve accuracy.

Be Consistent

Set a weekly schedule for how many times you plan to visit your local shooting range. Most ranges offer discounted time slots throughout the week. If you're looking to save on slots to spend more on ammunition, you might plan your schedule around these times. Or, if you prefer to shoot with less people around to distract you, planning to visit the range on a weekday—earlier in the afternoon—is typically a quieter time to practice.

The important thing to remember here is you need to set a schedule and stick to it. Remember, practice makes perfect! So, if you're aiming for perfection when it comes to landing hits, you have to practice consistently.

Challenge Yourself

Try to switch up the targets you're using, as well as your firearms. It's important to practice often with the firearm you'll be using for competition or qualification, but making yourself learn how to tighten groupings, over a target, using multiple firearms can actually enhance your skills and adjust your technique faster.

Have Fun

If you're training, you might feel frustrated after a bad day at the range, or if fellow shooters are improving at a faster pace than you. Take your time, track your progress, and try to enjoy the experience. 

When you stop overthinking the target, you'll start to relax and block out the distractions and self doubt. This will allow you to focus with a clear head and inch closer to that bullseye with each hit. 

Shop Accuracy Targets Online

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