Military sniper practicing shooting with steel target.

For law enforcement or military training, steel shooting targets benefit experienced shooters and recruits, alike. They allow for improved accuracy and are incredibly durable, meaning they can withstand high levels of impact for extended periods.

Steel shooting targets are constructed from high-quality steel and designed to absorb the impact of bullets during firearm training. For decades, law enforcement and military personnel have used them for training.

Here are some other benefits they offer:

  • They provide an effective tool for honing a shooter's accuracy, building confidence, and improving safety. For example, steel targets give an audible “ping” sound when hit, enabling shooters to confirm hits during firing drills without inspecting the target at close range. 
  • In addition to increasing safety at the range, steel targets can be utilized via indoor or outdoor settings, allowing you to introduce new elements during training. 

    Are You Maximizing the Benefits of Steel Targets?

    Choosing a target specifically designed for law enforcement or military training is essential. For example, steel shooting targets should have a rounded front edge and angled sides to increase safety during firing. 

    They should also be made from high-quality steel with enough thickness to offer significant impact absorption and bursting resistance. This ensures they can survive thousands of rounds without being replaced. Steel shooting targets should also come with quality stands to support their weight, allow for easy transport, and ensure targets stay in their upright positions for hours of continued practice.

    To help you find the best steel shooting targets for your department, let's review a few examples that offer the same benefits mentioned above, plus some extra training must haves. 

    Top 3 U.S. Made Challenge Steel Targets

    Below, we've compiled three of our favorite challenge steel targets available from Qualification Targets, Inc.—from basic designs to more advanced options.

    C-11 Mini Classic Popper Steel Shooting TargetC-11 Mini Classic Popper with Auto Reset

    Meet the Mini Classic Popper! This steel target is mounted to an auto-reset base, allowing the target to lean backward when shot (about 30°) and spring back to its original position. Again, this ensures hours of target practice and eliminates the need to reset, which wastes training time and places your team in unnecessarily dangerous scenarios. 

    The Classic Mini Popper includes two 17" long adjustable legs to stabilize your target on uneven ground conditions. It's also easy to transport to indoor and outdoor shooting ranges, making it a must-have training target in your arsenal. 

    C-38 E-Type Torso Steel TargetC-38 E-Type Torso Steel Target

    Steel target torsos offer excellent training tools for active shooter scenarios. Your team can improve their accuracy and timing for non-lethal vs. lethal hits while still benefiting from the target's durability and impact absorption.

    The target is made from 3/8" thick AR500 steel for extremely long life and excellent impact resistance that's durable enough to withstand numerous shots from handguns, shotguns, or rifles without needing to be replaced. 

    Shooters can easily assemble this steel torso target without tools and adjust its legs to suit any indoor/outdoor surface. 

    C-41 Tactical Sniper Steel TargetC-41 Tactical Sniper Steel Target

    For tactical rifle training, look no further than the C-41 Tactical Sniper Steel Target. Made of AR500 Steel, this steel torso target option combines three unique challenges into one. 

    1. For basic rifle training, shooters can practice hitting the full-size IDPA torso. 
    2. Advanced shooters can aim for the 4" diameter cutout in the chest. 
    3. Precision shooters should aim for the headshot, with an eye-opening of only 3.5" x 1.75"

    When shooters hit the chest or eye-hole opening, the reactive target flips to the side of the torso. If hit again, the target flips back! No manual resetting is required. Instead, shooters can practice their tactical skills without interruption. 

    Shop Steel Targets Today

    Steel shooting targets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be used for all types of firearms training. They also provide improved accuracy due to their flat surfaces which make it easier for shooters to maintain proper shooting forms even at longer ranges.

    At Qualification Targets, Inc., we offer a wide variety of steel, paper, and cardboard targets to support your training and qualification needs! Our targets are all U.S. made and trusted by our military and law enforcement departments around the country.

    For questions about our collection of training targets, or to place your order, contact us at 866-498-8228.