FBI agent aiming firearm at shooting target in indoor range.

Upgrade your FBI training tactics with these five essential shooting range targets from Qualification Targets, Inc. As the nation's leading manufacturer and supplier of paper, cardboard, and steel shooting targets and range accessories, we have everything you need—all in one place.

Training beginner or experienced shooters? Browse our selection of range targets to suit every skill level and help you challenge your team while building their confidence for real-life scenarios. 

Below, we've compiled our top picks of FBI training targets that are also excellent options for law enforcement and military personnel to improve accuracy, precision, and speed. 

1) B-27 Silhouette Target

B-27 shooting target for FBI training.The B-27 paper target is among the most recognizable range targets across the country—thanks to its long history. Featuring a basic human silhouette with scoring rings to mark vital chest hit zones, the classic B-27 allows you to practice shooting for maximum stopping power. 

Throughout the years, modifications and enhancements have been made to the B-27 that offer more challenges for shooters as they practice defense training, including replacing the faceless humanoid silhouette with authentic depictions of active shooters.

Browse our collection of B-27 paper targets to explore more options.

2) FBI QIT-99 Target

FBI QIT-99 target with a silhouette design.Like the B-27, the FBI QIT-99 target features a silhouette design but includes distinct head and chest hit zones. Both law enforcement and FBI use the FBI QIT-99 for training and qualification, and as with the B-27, variations to this target are available for trainers looking to introduce new challenges for every skill level. 

For instance, the FBI-QIT G paper target features an orange center mass and 2 bullseyes to practice precision shooting. By incorporating this and other FBI-QIT targets, your shooters will develop the muscle memory and reflexes needed to shoot accurately, even under pressure.

3) DIAG Paper Target

DIAG Paper Target

If you're training recruits, we recommend adding the DIAG-R for right-handed shooters and the DIAG-L for left-handed shooters to your collection. As one of the top shot diagnostic tools in the industry, this target helps beginners understand how their stance, grip, and trigger pull impact their hits and groupings.

Because this target is made from paper, and available in large quantities, you can track each shooter's progress overtime as they harness their skills.

4) B-8 Paper Target

B-8 Paper Target

Rapid-fire bullseye targets, like the B-8, aim to help shooters practice quick and accurate shots, so they feel more prepared for self-defense scenarios. Because it's designed for rapid succession, the B-8 requires a high level of focus and concentration as shooters fire multiple hits at the same target in a short amount of time. 

Additionally, the B-8 helps shooters identify areas to improve their technique, allowing them to focus their training efforts more effectively.

5) Steel Shooting Targets

For outdoor shooting ranges, we offer a wide variety of steel shooting targets that can withstand uneven terrain, strong winds, and repeated hits from high-powered firearms. 

Available in various sizes and shapes, including circles, squares, and silhouette shapes, our steel targets are easy to transport and set up anywhere, allowing you to take your FBI training to new environments. 

Browse our collection of steel targets today.

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