Paper and cardboard IPSC targets

At Qualification Targets, Inc., we manufacture and supply the best selection of shooting targets for training and qualification. 

In addition to supporting local law enforcement and U.S. military branches with a wide variety of paper, cardboard, and steel targets, we also provide target solutions for indoor and outdoor ranges, as well as competitive shooters.

For those who shoot for sport, we offer a diverse selection of IPSC shooting targets. However, if you're unfamiliar with what IPSC targets are or their history, here's a quick crash course.

What Does IPSC Stand For?

IPSC stands for the International Practical Shooting Confederation and represents the world's largest shooting sport association. Established in 1976 in Columbia, Missouri, the organization was created during a meeting of both U.S. and international gun enthusiasts looking to share their passion for practical shooting and friendly competition. 

The IPSC aims to "promote, maintain, improve, and advance the sport of practical shooting" (IPSC website). It does so by offering shooters diverse courses of fire that test their accuracy, power, and speed.

Unlike traditional shooting disciplines, IPSC competitions force shooters to move and react through multiple courses vs. firing at still targets. Competitors must also solve challenges throughout each course of fire—to improve their marksmanship and defensive shooting skills. 

IPSC competitions are all about taking the techniques you've learned in the range and using them in a series of courses that never repeat.

So, What Are IPSC Shooting Targets?

IPSC shooting targets are official competition targets endorsed by the association. The IPSC cardboard targets that are available from Qualification Targets, Inc., for example, qualify as competitive torso targets for rifle, handgun, and shotgun training.

Each cardboard silhouette offers shooters the chance to practice accuracy, power, and speed at home or at the range. Additionally, our IPSC paper shooting targets include A-D scoring zones, which allow you to track shots over time and improve your tactical shooting skills. 

Shooters can use our IPSC cardboard targets as backings for the paper options to help create more stability, especially for outdoor shooting. 

Our paper and IPSC cardboard targets are available in qualities of 50, 100, and up to 1,000 to help you enjoy endless hours of practice.  

More Fun with IPSC Shooting Targets

Though the IPSC cardboard targets are perfect for all skill levels, the C-40 Steel Target - Tactical IPSC - B & C Zones will present you with new challenges!

This shooting target offers excellent resistance impact and features a B & C Zone torso with the head of a "bad guy" looking over the shoulder of the "hostage." When hit, the "bad guy" flips from one side to the other side. So, instead of stopping to reset your target, you can shoot the target back in place. 

  • Comes complete with a stand
  • B C Zone torso is 12 w x 24 h
  • The hostage head is 6" diameter
  • The center mass is 6" diameter
  • Made from 3/8" AR500 steel
  • Ideal for outdoor shooting 

Want another great option for outdoor shooting? Our C-17 Static Target with Full IPSC is made from 3/8" thick AR500 steel for extremely long life and excellent impact resistance. Its stand is 23" wide and has a socket for the vertical post, as well as two adjustable support legs (34" in length). As needed, the legs can be positioned to support the stand on uneven ground, and can be easily removed for transport.

  • Plate dimensions: 18 w x 22 h
  • Overall size: 48 h x 24 w x 34 dp
  • Rated for 3000 FPS(Feet Per Second) at impact

Browse our website to view other IPSC shooting targets, including our C-19 Static Steel Target - IPSC - B & C Zones.

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