Woman at indoor range practicing her pistol shooing.

Sure, anyone can hit a target. But most shooters are looking for a real challenge when they head to the range. 

At Qualification Targets, Inc., we manufacture and distribute a large variety of paper, cardboard, and steel shooting targets for training and qualification purposes.

We understand that practice makes perfect, and every shot counts. So if you're looking to tighten groupings, increase speed, and improve accuracy at longer distances, the targets you choose matter.

In this article, we'll walk you through 3 pistol shooting targets designed to improve marksmanship and tactical shooting capabilities.

Paper and Steel Targets for Pistol Shooting

The terms "pistol" and "handgun" often get used interchangeably, but as any trained shooter knows, they have particular distinctions. And because of these differences, selecting the correct targets for pistol shooting is essential to helping refine your sight picture and control your stance, breathing, trigger, and grip.

Let's review 3 pistol-shooting targets that do just that!

NM-DPS-Q1 Paper Target

This tactical pistol-shooting target presents shooters with a realistic self-defense scenario, where missing your mark could be deadly. Color zones are included on the active shooter's silhouette to help shooters identify fatal vs. non-fatal hits, allowing them to zero in on their target while keeping score. 

DIAG-R & L Paper Targets

Whether you're shooting for practice or qualification, these targets offer slow-fire pistol shooting training for both right or left-handed shooters.

Shooters will learn how to hold and hit a bullseye while understanding which areas they need to work on in their skill sets. For training purposes, shooters can easily keep score and master their marksmanship. These targets cost as little as $13 per 100 targets and are also available in larger quantities.

C-27 Auto Reset Centerfire Steel Plate Rack

Want to give your team an even bigger challenge? The Auto Reset Center Fire Plate Rack features five 5" diameter AR500 Steel Targets that absorb bullet impact without damage. In addition, its front deflector is angled downward at a 45° angle, safely directing missed shots toward the ground.

No ropes are required, and no need to stop practicing to reset. Shoot each of the targets up, and then shoot the reset target to drop all the targets at once! Adding movement to pistol training provides an excellent challenge for more experienced shooters.

The minimum range for this target is 15 yards for pistol shooting.

Master Tactical Shooting with Qualification Targets, Inc.

For more pistol-shooting target options, browse our collection of training targets online today! You'll discover a wide selection of shooting targets in every shape, size, and confirmation you need—all made right here in the United States.

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