Best Sniper Targets for Military Training

Military snipers are highly trained soldiers who specialize in shooting targets from long distances, often using modified rifles while staying camouflaged. 

Though in modern warfare, the primary role of a sniper is to provide detailed surveillance from a concealed position, it's vital that sniper teams work to sharpen their marksmanship skills regularly.

An essential part of sniper training is having the right selection of shooting targets to help you improve shot placement and groupings, all while adjusting the sights from different elevations to zero in on your primary target.

Sniper Targets

In this article, we'd like to share a few shooting targets for sniper target practice—all of which are available in bulk and for department customization

SI-2 Paper Target

The SI-2 Paper Target is a modified sighting target, complete with 2 bullseyes contained within orange centers. Available in quantities up to 1,000, the SI-2 is designed to improve marksmanship and tighten groupings, all with the goal to help shooters “zero” their rifles so that shots hit the center of each target from at least 100 yards away. 

TorsoPro Manikin Target

Ideal for sniper training, the TorsoPro is lightweight and easy to transport anywhere. Unlike a paper or cardboard shooting target, this option is anatomically correct, which means it looks and feels like a person to create real-life scenarios for your team's training program.

Made of high-impact material that is capable of withstanding over 2,000 rounds of ammunition (depending on calibration and concentration of fire), the TorsoPro will provide your shooters with a lifelike response to hits. It can also be utilized for knife and baton training.

C-41 Tactical Sniper Steel Target

Made of AR500 steel, this sniper shooting target features three unique targets in one complete design. Each target is designed to train shooters from basic to more advanced skill levels. When either the chest or eye opening (which is only 3.5" x 1.75" wide) is hit, the reactive target flips to the side of the torso. To flip it back, shooters must hit the same target—allowing for more practice and less resetting. 

The target is 3/8" thick, permitting the use of most calibers. Minimum rifle range is 100 yards and maximum bullet velocity is 3000 fps at impact. 

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