Equip Your Range with Shoot, No Shoot Targets

You never aim your gun at a target, unless you plan to shoot. Therefore, it goes without saying that having the ability to think fast, and critically, in order to identify the level of threat you're facing—in any scenario—is essential.

At Qualification Targets, Inc., we offer the best selection of active shooter training targets, including shoot, no shoot target overlays. These targets are designed to train students on how to assess every situation in front of them before deciding how to respond.

Using realistic overlays, shooters are presented with a mix of less lethal targets (i.e., unarmed individuals) and threatening targets (i.e., armed shooters). Available in full color or black and white photos, our selection of shoot, no shoot target overlays allow for multiple training sessions using just one paper target.

How No Shoot Target Overlays Work

Each paper target features a person (man or woman) holding a gun in a neutral position, often with his or her finger on the trigger pointing directly at your student—thus setting the scenario for a high-threat situation. 

The overlay, which can be applied in seconds, switches the scenario entirely. Now, the paper target reveals the same person in the same position, but this time, he or she is holding a non-threatening object, such as a cell phone, camera, or even a police badge.

In other scenarios, the gun may turn into a knife, beer bottle, or a different "non-firearm" type of weapon. Though these items may still be considered "lethal" or a threat to the shooter, they do require a different response from your students.  We also offer hostage overlays that go from threatening to non-threatening in seconds. In this way, you're able to give shooters every possible scenario they may be faced with, allowing them to think before they respond to each.

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Browse our selection of active shooter training targets to improve training and prepare your students for qualification. Featuring high resolution photos of people in realistic scenarios, target overlays will greatly enhance your students' training experience and critical thinking skills. And every target is made right here in America and can be customized to suit your range or department's branding needs. 

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