Top 5 Paper Shooting Targets

One of the big reasons we recommend paper shooting targets for law enforcement or military training is because of the flexibility they offer shooters. 

Though they aren't reusable as some other target options, like steel, they permanently record each shooter's progress and scoring and can be overlaid to filter different scenarios—meaning they help train officers to shoot with more accuracy and also to think critically as situations change or critical threats develop.

Below, we've listed 5 paper shooting targets that we recommend to improve your technical training drills. 

TRNG-8A Paper Target

Why do we like this option so much? Because it forces cadets to think first and shoot second. The TRNG-8A contains different numbers, shapes, and colors, giving instructors more ways to alternate their shooting commands: "Hit all triangles," "shoot only even numbers" "hit red," etc. 

We offer a variety of TRNG shooting targets (8A-8C), allowing you to change up patterns, so shooters never get used to the same sequence but instead stay on high alert throughout each dril. 

IPSC-Paper Target

A more traditional paper option, the IPSC is the official IPSC/USPSA training target and is typically utilized by competitive shooters. However, this paper target is great for training officers who will be using different types of firearms, including handguns, rifles, shotguns, etc. Its classic humanoid silhouette (or torso) with an upper headbox features scoring zones to improve marksmanship and measure shot groupings. 

B-27-QA Paper Target

Though the B-27 is considered the staple paper shooting target among FBI and law enforcement, the B-27-QA gives the shooter a glimpse inside the basic human anatomy. The shooter can now visualize how each bullet will impact the body and see where a target's vital organs and spine area are located. Depending on the situation, this target helps train recruits on where to shoot to kill and where to shoot to wound the aggressor. 

DOT Paper Targets

DOT targets, or as some call them DOT drills, are typically used in military target practice for command training, sighting, and pattern shooting. Our selection of DOT targets feature multiple and different-sized circles to challenge shooters with a great warm up that focuses on more precision vs. speed. 

Target Overlays

You can help improve your team's technical shooting capabilities with different drills and paper shooting targets available at our online store. Our selection of paper overlays, for example, give your recruits more challenging scenarios, where discernment, timing and accuracy are the difference between life and death. Many of the options we sell include paper targets of individuals holding assault weapons or holding non-assault devices. 

Incorporating more critical thinking paper overlays into your shooting range can help your team strengthen their ability to assess any situation quickly and effectively. 

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