Best Targets for Rifles

Keeping your team prepared and equipped to serve and protect in any situation starts with utilizing the best training resources available. At Qualification Targets, we offer one of the largest collections of shooting targets for state law enforcement training and qualifications. 

No matter the type of firearm or its firepower, we manufacture and sell specific targets designed to withstand handguns, rifles, carbines, shotguns—you name it.

Our mission is to supply state law enforcement departments with the quality targets they need to think critically, use discernment, and hit targets with more accuracy and precision.

Because we offer such a large selection of targets, in this first article, we'll break down the best recommended targets for rifles

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Best Targets for Rifles - Paper Targets

Paper targets have always been a popular option for sighting-in a firearm, particularly rifles. They allow shooters to see exactly where shots land and help them measure the tightness of a grouping. They also offer more variety in terms of shapes, pictures, and colors, which will provide your team more flexibility between sessions. 

Every department has their own set of shooting scores and qualifications, which is why paper targets offer a diverse range of target options.

TRNG-8 A-C paper targets offer recruits and seasoned pros a unique challenge and opportunity to think critically before shooting. These paper targets contain different shapes, colors, numbers, and letter combinations—creating a variety of possible instructor/student commands.

To view more paper targets designed for law enforcement, check out our online selection today. 

Best Targets for Rifles - Cardboard Targets

Cardboard targets are another popular option for rifle training. Because they are obviously thicker than paper targets, they offer a sturdier platform for training. However, as with paper, cardboard is ideal for scoring shooting accuracy and shooting groups. They are also available in different sizes and shapes, such as silhouettes, to make target practice more challenging and tactical. 

B-27-CB Cardboard Targets has been a staple shooting target for law enforcement agencies across the country. At Qualifications Targets, we offer a large variety of B-27 targets that range from full-sized B-27 targets to economy sized B-27E targets with B-27 zones and modified B-27 zones.

To view more cardboard targets for law enforcement, check out our online selection today.

Best Targets for Rifles - Steel Targets

One of the main advantages of steel targets over paper or cardboard is that your recruits will hear their shots land. This will trigger a response from the shooter that their mark has been hit and will help with other crucial tactical components, including speed and response time. Though steel targets are designed to handle impact from bullets, it's important to choose the correct targets based on your firearms specifications and maintain a safe shooting distance. 

C-28 Steel Hostage Target features the head of a "bad guy" looking over the shoulder of a "hostage". When hit, the "bad guy" flips from one side to the other side. This offers a perfect target for practice on the hostage stages of a competition, where the torso is a no-shoot target. You can also practice your regular body and head shots on the torso section only.

To view more steel targets for law enforcement, check out our online selection today.

Find the Best Targets for Rifles, Handguns, and Other Firearms

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