Woman holding handgun; B-27 silhouette targets

One of the most widely recognized paper targets on the planet, the B-27 silhouette target is still featured in shooting ranges for law enforcement training today. 

Though basic in design, this iconic paper target is used for conceal and carry training and qualification. 

Perfect for all types of firearms and calibers, the B-27 silhouette target has been around for decades—some say as early as the 1960s. Though a staple, it continues to evolve with each generation to help train new recruits on how to place their hits with more accuracy.

So, Where Did the B-27 Come from Anyway?

According to training experts, before there was the B-27, there was the B-21. This was considered the first shooting target to feature a silhouette for defense training in law enforcement. 

The B-21 offered shooters a visual representation of a larger man, somewhat proportional, drawing a weapon. You might remember this one having a scoring zone that was shaped like an old coke bottle.

The only problem with the B-21 was that, because it had such a wide scoring zone, shooters had an easier time placing their hits, making it less effective as a "training" target. Taking components from the B-21 and enlarging the silhouette to now feature scoring rings, the B-27 eventually came into existence a few decades later. 

And though it has been replaced as the "official" tactical shooting target for law enforcement, it remains a standard target for different departments today. 

Shop B-27 Paper Targets

At Qualification Targets, we offer a large variety of B-27 targets that span from traditional silhouette options to more realistic variations.

  • Our B-27 QA, for example, depicts the vital organs and spine of an attacker to give your recruits more visibility on where to shoot to kill and where to shoot to wound and disarm the other shooter. 
  • The B-27 PHQ2 paper target offers recruits a more realistic variation of an active shooter, but it still includes the scoring zones to help them place hits accurately.
  • Finally, we offer a sampling of B-27 targets for your team to practice at the shooting range and test their accuracy, using different firearms and target scoring zones. 

Need to shop B-27 targets for qualification in your state? Choose a company you trust to deliver quality paper targets that offer more variety to help officers hit targets with greater precision and accuracy.

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