Top 5 Beginner's Shooting Targets

No matter how many years you've spent serving in law enforcement, or in the military, at one point, you were a beginner learning to shoot.

Training your recruits with the best shooting targets from the beginning will help them develop critical thinking and reaction skills for a variety of life or death scenarios. 

At Qualification Targets Inc., we supply law enforcement departments and military training centers across the United States with quality shooting targets, safety gear and equipment and same-day shipping on most orders.

Our mission is to support U.S. law enforcement and military personnel with leading paper and cardboard shooting targets. And we design, develop and manufacture each one using the highest quality standards possible.

5 Shooting Targets for Beginners

Looking to upgrade your shooting range to train new recruits? Check out our top 5 beginner's shooting targets and place your order today!

1.) B-27 Silhouette Target

We couldn't start our list without first calling out the classic B-27 Silhouette shooting target. Basic in design, this iconic paper target is used for conceal and carry training. And in many states, it's still considered the standard shooting target for qualification. 

We offer many variations of the B-27, but if you're looking for the most basic and widely used, you can't go wrong with the original, which has been trusted by law enforcement departments for decades.

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2.) B-8 Paper Target

Next on our list is another classic shooting target. The B-8 offers a rapid fire bullseye target to improve accuracy, speed, and placement of hits. This is a great training tool to help build confidence among recruits and track tightness of groupings.

Because it's a paper target, it makes it much easier to record each cadet's scoring, performance, and skill development over time. 

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3.) BT-5-Hostage Paper Target

Once your recruits learn how to land their hits with more accuracy, the next step is showing them how those hits transfer to an actual human. Shooting targets that feature hostage situations, where the recruit needs to be mindful of the victim, who may be blocking the attacker, is another great training tool for beginners.

We also offer many varieties that include depictions of real people to up the stakes and keep your recruits thinking logically and using discernment before they pull the trigger.

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4.) TRNG-8A Paper Target 

This shooting target actually made our list of the best paper shooting targets. And for good reason, too. This option is designed to force recruits to assess a high-pressure situation first and shoot second. 

Because this shooting target features a series of numbers, shapes, and colors, instructors can alternate their shooting commands, which means recruits are always given a new scenario and trained to think critically, on-demand! 

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5.) DIAG-L & R Paper Target

If your shooting targets aren't challenging recruits, what's the point of going to the range? This option might look a bit more advanced for beginners, but it's designed to put what they've learned to the ultimate test and improve their marksmanship. 

We offer this shooting target for both left and right-handed shooters.

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