Ear protection and other equipment at law enforcement shooting range.

When it comes to shooting range equipment for law enforcement training, quality and consistency matter most. Therefore, you need to invest in the right supplies to keep officers prepared and safe while sharpening their skills at the firing range. 

Whether you're training beginners or experienced shooters, check out our top picks for shooting range equipment and supplies for law enforcement training and qualification.  

Protective Gear 

From earplugs to earmuffs, having the proper ear protection for officers is a no-brainer. But choosing the right kind of hearing equipment depends on many factors. 

For example, electronic earmuffs like the Rifleman EXS allow officers to hear commands and target hits during firearm drills while still receiving quality ear coverage. On the other hand, the Pro Ears Ultra Gel series delivers noise-canceling protection to help eliminate surrounding sounds and distractions so that officers can focus on their practice targets.

Equally crucial to ear protection is comfort. After all, officers need to wear their gear for longer training sessions, which can lead to discomfort and affect their performance. Many of the ear protection gear we offer is designed to fit securely around the ears for maximum comfort, with different options like the Rifleman ACH fitting over helmets, hats, or other types of headgear.  

Finally, make sure your range is stocked with quality safety glasses to help shield eyes while still allowing shooters to identify their targets.

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Clearing Stations

Whether storing a weapon or passing it off to another officer, a weapon clearing station is the only way to play it smart and safe at the shooting range.

Even if an officer knows he's cleared his weapon, there is no danger in using a weapon-clearing station to ensure the gun is completely empty. Having quality clearing stations located throughout your range can prevent accidental shots from being fired and stray bullets from causing injuries.

At Qualification Targets, Inc., we offer a large selection of clearing stations and bullet traps to support a variety of firearms. Browse our online store, or contact us for questions at 866-498-8228.

Cleaning Supplies & Tools

Everyone knows that properly cleaning firearms is one of the best ways to ensure they stay in working condition. So make sure to stock up on the necessary cleaning supplies and tools at your range, including 

  • Solvents
  • Lubricants
  • Patches
  • Jags
  • Swabs
  • Brushes
  • Rod pieces

Additionally, ensure shooters have the right tools to clean firearms, such as bore snakes and gun rods. Having quality cleaning supplies on hand can make cleaning guns easy, which will help keep them functioning safely and effectively every practice.

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Shooting Targets

Different types of targets help officers develop and maintain shooting techniques that prepare them for real-life scenarios. Shooting range paper targets, for example, provide an easy way to track scores and monitor progress, especially as recruits train for qualification. 

Qualification Targets, Inc. offers a variety of paper training targets that range from bullseye and silhouettes to hostage scenarios and critical response targets with overlays. This allows officers to train with shoot, no shoot scenarios and utilize different variations of the same target, so practice never gets boring and each session offers a new challenge. 

We also offer a wide assortment of steel targets that are ideal for outdoor shooting ranges and feature auto-reset features to keep practice in session for longer.

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We are a quality supplier of shooting range paper targets, safety gear, and equipment to law enforcement and other government agencies across the country and can help you keep your range stocked and equipped with the best gear for training and qualification purposes.

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